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Your Engaged, Now what?
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Your engaged! Now what?

Congratulations! You are engaged.

Have you told your family and friends? 

Now what?

You and your fiance/fiancee and or possibly your parents, depending on who may be helping pay for the wedding should take time to sit down and talk budgets. 

Do not pick out a date until you know your budget. 

Your budget can determine where and when you can have your wedding unless you are just going to elope. 

Once you come up with the budget you can get started and your wedding planning. 

Now the work begins. You can plan this your self with your fiance and best friends or you can hire a planner or at least talk to a consultant this all will depend on how well you can handle stress. 

Planning a wedding is not as easy as most people think. A LOT of details go into this from choosing a venue that is within your budget to negotiating food, dj, officiant,photographer, videographer, floral, limos, decor, linens, china, cake etc... and between all of that you might want to go pick out your wedding attire. 

If a full planner is not in your budget remember that paid consultations are more affordable and can help you get a lot of this together without over stressing and having to do all the research by yourself. 

For now just enjoy wearing that ring and get passed the holidays before you start planning your wedding. 

CONGRATULATIONS from all of us here at Superior Events. 

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